The Brand


Hello! Welcome to our world. Have you heard about us? We are specialized in structured cabling systems for data networks. We are able to give you the full range, from cable to cabinets, fiber optic to copper. As you may know, the world is always changing and that’s why we have a very dynamic team, which is ready to give you the support you need. We are Fearless and Adventurous!!



Our big values are Proximity, Inovation and Quality. The customer is our focus, so we value the Proximity. We always want to be with you, give you our best support, technical trainings, open information and so on. We pride ourselves by providing full support so please feel free to contact us. Innovation and Quality, not only in the products, but also in the marketing materials. You can check this in our Website.

Website & Social Network

Our website ( has all the information you need to check the quality of our products. You can see our update news and other content from the barpa world. As we want to be always near you, we’ll have strong contact with social networks, like Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In this way you can see us wherever you are.


Each barpa product has a specific technical datasheet. You can find them in our website, in the respective section of the product. All product datasheet have one code and revision code, to inform if you have the updated one. Each datasheet contains a more detailed analysis of the product, such as: Product description, Certifications, Product images, Product features, Electrical, Optical and Mechanical characteristics, Performance, Product specifications and Packaging.

25 years warranty

As part of your goal to achieve quality excellence, barpa gives you a 25 year warranty for products and applications. This warranty covers the network infrastructure installations, like optical fiber or copper. This is only available when systems are designed, installed and tested by an approved barpa partner with current training certification in place. The warranty is applicable to all barpa solution and starts at the date of the invoicing. The products must furthermore be certified for compliance to standards specified by barpa. The warranty is granted to the entity which is specified on the warranty certificate. This certificate will be registered in the system and will remain there until the end of the warranty. For more information, please contact us. barpa is a partner you can trust, a partner to the future.